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Disinfection measures Covid-19

The virus can survive from a few hours to several days depending on the type of surface, temperature and humidity.
  • 3 hours in the air (droplets projected by sneezing)
  • 4 hours on copper 24 hours on cardboard
  • 2/3 days on plastic or stainless steel
from Monaco to Saint-Tropez

How is the disinfection going ?

Disinfection in houses, apartments or workplaces is carried out either by cold fogging (ULV) or fumigation with aerosols (according to EN14476). In both cases, we generate a virucidal mist that will spread in the air, remain in suspension and descend to the ground and will thus spread over all surfaces and corners in its field of action.
from Monaco to Saint-Tropez

The most efficient exterminators

Since 2009, we are the leading pest control company on the French Riviera. Our experienced technicians provide pest management to a demanding clientele, from Saint Tropez to Monaco. We implement maintenance treatments in prestigious villas and luxury apartments.
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Pest Control Treatments

We manage all vulnerability spots


Building maintenance

Wood treatments

Wood-boring insects gnaw wood and proliferate, weakening it and degrading its appearance. As soon as it is spotted in your ceiling, furniture, flooring or wooden stairs, you should ask us to dislodge them quickly.

Chimney sweeping

French law imposes two sweepings per chimney each year. Cleaning of chimneys is the guarantee to benefit from heating the fire safely. You protect your home from fire and prevent the spread of toxic fumes inside your home.

Roof defoaming

The tiles that have become green because of the foam may be weakened, porous and may let water pass through. We apply a triple process product that combines water repellent, algicidal, and fungicide actions.

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